three tests all GI

From: toni welsh (
Thu Jun 1 15:05:51 2000

I have cancelled the barium enema for tomorrow, I am terrified to go. I am going to go Saturday, and my husband can go with me. My GI dr does suspect a blockage in the intestines, after I told him about the episisode I had 2 weeks ago. I was doubled over in pain, and it was way above the bowels. I could not stand it for at least 2 hours, it was awful, then the bowels did not move for over 10 days, and I could not even zip my pants for days. I am ready to go for the surgery, or at least talk to the general surgeon. I cannot go on letting this rule my life, I used to enjoy life too much.

Have any one ever had anything show up on a barium enema? He said he would do 2 more tests if this one does not show anything, the pain is getting alot worse and I do not understand it, but the bowels do move if I take 6 senkot and 2 colace, and they go very well. Each time it feels like 10 pounds. I wish I could just this all over with, the only thing my GI dr said that he does not belive the pain is from adhesions, he told me there are alot of people walking around out there with scar tissue, and that made me mad, I am well aware of all that. But at least he is doing some tests to see he said what could be causing my pain. I have stopped some meds on my own, and that is because the meds were not helping very much. I am still on trazadone, and I only taking oxycontin when I HAVE to. TAke care all of you, and thinking of you whoo are going to surgery soon.

Love to all, Toni

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