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Thu Jun 1 16:09:42 2000

Hmmmm ... perhaps I wrote it wrong? That's a numeral one at the end.

My problems started about 15 months ago right after an abdominal hysterectomy. The most frightening thing is that it started out in a small area about two inches wide, six inches long just below my navel. Since then it has spread all the way across my lower abdomen from hip to hip and is invading the area above my navel to the base of my rib cage. Did yours spread like that? How much area is affected? I keep hoping it will reach a saturation point and stop but just in the last two weeks it reached my rib cage. The doc says that's the nerves have shorted out and will keep trying to find an "end" whatever that means. I haven't even been able to find a doctor in the area that is knowledgable (sp?) enough to give me answers. All they tell me is that it will probably never go away and there is no treatment and no cure. One even went so far as to tell me that while it isn't life threatening I might someday wish it would kill me. Boy now, THAT really gave me a lot of HOPE. <g>

Blessings, Marla

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>Hi and welcome! I tried to visit your web page but couldn't. How long
>have you been dealing with adhesions? Mine has been a 10 year battle.
>I'm looking forward to sharing information and experiences with you.
>Sherry at

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