From: Darlene (djberes@juno.com)
Sat Jun 3 15:11:43 2000

At Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Joyce wrote: >
>Hi everyone.... I have posted a couple of times in the past month or so
>and had the colonoscopy today and just thought I would share my
>experience. Guess what I was diagnosed with... I'd give you 3 guesses,
>but you wouldn't need them all.... LOL Yep, you got it, IBS! And how
>fortunate for me.... a new drug for IBS was just put on the market...
>Lotronex. And yes, I'm gonna try it, but when I read what the main
>symptoms of IBS are, none of them are heavy rectal bleeding, very sharp
>specific-area back pain (left-side just under my rib cage and painful
>urination. Ok, my thoughts are (for whatever that's worth because they
>don't seem to be worth much to the drs..... LOL) I probably do have IBS
>but I believe the adhesions is the main cause of the IBS plus the
>adhesions are causing the other more severe symptoms. Anyway, back to
>my colonoscopy, it hurt like he!!. They put me under but I woke up
>screaming. I believe he was having a hard time running the scope
>through... Felt like he kept hitting something... felt like my insides
>were being torn out... and they were telling me to just relax????? I
>finally felt the scope go on through and I felt it go all the way around
>and down the right side... this did not hurt at all... it was just the
>one area that hurt so bad. I think they knocked me out with more meds
>about then because all I remember after that is waking up. When the
>doctor came in to talk to my Mom and I, he said he did not find anything
>but IBS. I asked about a narrowed passageway (I had informed him of
>possible adhesions before the test), he said yeah, he did run across one
>tight area but it did not seem to be the source of any problem.... ???
>I'm really confused now. My Mom goes with me for these tests and she
>hears the drs. say it's nothing but IBS and, from her remarks and tone
>of voice today after the test, I think she is starting to worry I'm a
>hypochondriac or something... Am I????? :-/ Well, thanks to you guys, I
>know I'm not. I would be feeling awfully alone right now if it wasn't
>for this message board... Many, many Thanks!!!!
>I have had IBS for 8 plus years and Adhesions for over 2 years. I have tried most IBS medicines with out much help. My doctor started me on Lotronex as soon has he could get his hands on some. I have been on it for about 2 1/2
months and I'm feeling the best I've felt in years. It states to give in 3 weeks for full effect, but I felt better in less than a week.I was on a low fiber diet and now I'm slowly being able to add fiber back in my diet. The doctor explain that a lot of people with IBS has an over sensetive gut. This medicine helps female with these symtoms. He also explain that's why more people with Ibs have more pain with Adhesions. Here is a web site on Lotronex http://www.lotronex.com My insurance did not pay for it at first and I call the company and they call the insurance company and help me get it covered. Good luck! I hope it works well you as it did for me.

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