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Mon Jun 5 23:28:13 2000


I would like to respond to your statement about this being a gel not a far as not being approved by the FDA. Tell that to the women whom had the breast implants....putting foreign substances into our bodies is pretty much unknown territory. There is a reason that intergel was not approved in this of them being the increased number of infections. Shortly before you told us of your success with intergel I had read an email from another woman that went to Germany (I think that is where this took place) and had intergel placed and she is now worse off than she was before her surgery. She also developed problems with infections.

I do not want to deny you the right to be happy with your surgery...I just urge caution since it has not been a great length of time since you had your procedure done. I pray that you have indeed found an answer to your problems....but as someone that took the drug phenfen...which was approved too quickly by the fda...and suffers from heart valve leakage because of it....I beg that we allow the fda the time necessary to determine if Intergel is indeed safe and does achieve the results it claims to.


> Marla, I was told at UCLA by the "best" doctor that the trouble with
the > film is that it does not adhere to a wet surface so as soon as the
surgeon > closes you up it falls down as the area where the adhesions were cut
is > oozing. It is a waste of time. I think we need to start something
big > demanding the use of Intergel in our country! It is only a gel, not
a drug. > For God's sake. I am sure that it is due to the fact they we haven't
made a > big enough stink and as woman whe are not heard. I want to change
this but > I do not know how. Joanne

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> > I'm so glad to hear you had good results with Intergel Joanne. Of
the > > adhesion barrier products on the market, it does strike me as the
most > > logical one to use. Rather than the "saran wrap" type. I believe I
will > have
> > to have another surgery to remove the surgical staples that were
left > inside
> > (I believe the are pinching nerves) and I will not let anyone do the
> > procedure who does not have experience with these products. You
give me > > hope.
> >
> > Blessings
> > Marla
> >
> > >Hi Marla, The same thing happened to me. I was so scared when I
could > > feel
> > >them growing up to my rib cage. It happened to me in about 10
weeks and > > >then it stopped growing. The longer I had them inside of me the
harder > > they
> > >got slowing me down more and more every day. Now I am 3 months
post op > and
> > >cured. There is a cure and it is called Intergel. I went to
Germany to > > get
> > >it but you may find it in any country but ours possibly. Do not
give up > > >hope. Joanne
> > > >
> >

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