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From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Jun 6 11:42:49 2000

List Server Commands: The following commands may be used to generate requests directly from web forms for the Adhesions list server. In each case, if you properly enter your email address you should receive a response back from the list server by email within a few minutes. If you do not receive a response then please carefully check your email address and make sure that it was entered correctly. If you need further assistance you may email:

Note: The commands with an asterisk (*) indicate that the email address must be exactly the same one used to originally subscribe. If you get back a response stating that you are not registered on the list then issue a "review subscribers" command to see exactly how your email address is registered with the system. To change your email address: do an "unsubscribe" (using the old Email address) followed by a new "subscribe" (using the new Email address).

Subscribe to the Adhesions Forum Unsubscribe* from receiving the Adhesions Forum by Email

a.. Show Settings* for how the email is delivered to you & conceal options b.. Individual Messages* receive each posting individually by email c.. Digest* receive messages group together 15-25 at a time in digest format d.. Postpone* messages while away (resume by selecting individual messages or digest) e.. Conceal from Review* your email address and name from the review command f.. No Conceal* your email address and name is not hidden from the review command g.. Information about the Adhesions Forum is Emailed to you h.. Review Subscribers of the Adhesions Forum

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