Re: Guidelines For Adhesions

From: Karla (
Fri Jun 9 01:37:42 2000

I would like to apologize to all of the people on this list. It has never been my intention to attack anyone and I am sorry if it has been perceived as such. Sherry is right.....I am too sick to waste my time with such negativity. Yes....I have lost "body parts" in my fight with this disorder....but I am hardly jealous of anyone....well I take that back. I am jealous of those that have had the opportunity to procede in their care with doctors that have the skill to properly deal with adhesions. I am on my way to that point as well....but I will be taking the long road. My surgery to remove the muscles from my back and place them in my abdominal wall will be done in Chicago on July 12th. I need all the energy I have to make it to that point and with the blessings of God make it through the surgery and the rehabilitation afterwards. For that reason I am removing myself from this list. I must focus on my getting better.....not arguing or allowing myself to be attacked.

I pray that each and every one of you can find the path to lead you towards you recovery.


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