adhesions stick together

From: Gloria (
Fri Jun 9 14:17:24 2000

As any one who would care to go back and check my postings will discover, I am basically a very positive person. When a few of you have seemed very down or needed a good word, I have tried to add my 3/4 of a cents worth. And now seems to be avery good time to do so again. People, I can't keep up with all this back and forth stuff -- I don't even know who half of the people are in this little drama going on. However, when it comes to being full of sh*t and being permanently constipated, I may be able to run for queen. I'm eaten up with adhesions, as are most of you. I haven't had a normal bowel movement in years. I'm in pain. so are you. We're tired and sad and all we want is to live and poop and go on like normal people. It's the least we deserve. Karla, I hope you're reading this because I'm going to offer my hand of love and friendship to you. If you need me while you're in Chicago, I will find a way to be there for you. Physically, if it's possible; definitely spiritually. Emotionally, you bet. I'll do whatever I can to help you because that's what friendship is all about -- and friends are bound by something much stronger than an adhesion could ever be. (Right, Joyce?) So, this is my proposition, folks. Let's put the drama of "How the Stomach turns"behind us and get on with the business of fighting back against the godless, heathernistic adhesions!! Go Karla!! Go Karla!! Go, Fight, Heal!!!


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