TO: Sherry1023 and Karla

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Fri Jun 9 16:51:16 2000

First off, let me make one thing clear: I am not about to unload on anyone about anything.


I am sorry you feel you have been attacked. I did read the posts that started all of this, and taking into consideration that Igor is from a different background than some of us, perhaps what he said was misunderstood. If you are suffering with Adhesions Related Disorder like the rest of us are, then I understand that you might react a bit quicker and sharper than you would if you were in good health. I am rather short on patience myself most of the time, mainly because I am so limited in what I am able to do that I suffer from frustration very easily.

Sherry, we are all on this board because we need each other's support and any possible suggestions that we can glean from the posts to the board that will make us a little less difficult to get along with and make our lives a bit more comfortable. No one person on this list is more important than any other person on the list. There are times that one or more of us needs more support and attention than the others do, and it is the responsibility of the "others" to provide that support and attention - kind of like living in a large extended family. And like family, we all need to take three deep breaths before we respond to something that upsets us - sometimes we even need to take a "time out".

None of us need any more aggravation than the adhesions we suffer from provide us with already. We are all in the same boat here - the one floating on the sea of pain and despair with a hint of the dawn of peace and serenity that never seems to rise into actuality. There have been many mornings when I wished the sun would not rise so I didn't have to face another day of agony, and I know I am not alone in that feeling.


I am sure that I am only one among many who express the wish that you not leave the board. With the challenges ahead of you, you need to know that your personal and internet friends are carrying you in their hearts, minds, and prayers to get you down this long road without hitting any of the potholes. Tell your doctors you want an air-ride bed to ease the journey - won't feel the bumps as bad that way.


I am once again fighting with my GP to get a second opinion on my problem. I called her office on Monday morning, and have heard nothing back from either her or her receptionist since. If I don't have an answer of some sort by Monday noon, I am changing doctors.

Here's hoping everyone has a super good weekend.


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