Choose your surgeon very, very carefully...

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Jun 9 18:58:39 2000

When we have taken the time to learn as much as we can about adhesion-related disease ( ARD ), our knowledge about ARD will be there to help us make rational decisions, whenever a doctor mentions surgery to us.

A word of caution about pursuing surgery for adhesions: Not every surgeon has the skill, experience, and patience needed to do surgical procedures for adhesions!! Choose your surgeon very, very carefully!! There are many excellent surgeons throughout the United States; but not all of them have the necessary skills and experience to attempt surgery for adhesions. If you do not feel comfortable with what one surgeon has to offer you - by all means seek a second opinion.

On this Message Board we recently heard about Joanne Butman's trip to Germany to have her surgery done with the use of Intergel by Dr. Korell. Joanne has shared quite a bit about her experience on the Message Board; and best of all she reports that her surgery was a success!! I have compiled all of Joanne's messages about her trip to Germany; and I will post that information as soon as I post this message.

We have also heard the name of Dr. Harry Reich mentioned. Beverly Doucette went to New York City in April 1999 for her surgery for adhesions. Having been a RN before she became incapacitated by adhesions, she wanted the best qualified surgeon to do her surgery. She was not satisfied to allow just any surgeon to do her surgery - so she did some shopping around until she finally learned about Dr. Harry Reich, who is known to be the best laparoscopic surgeon in the world. Bev has never regreted that decision!!! In early May she shared her experience on the Message Board. Here are the websites which will take you to Bev's account of her experience:

1.) Bev's messages to the IAS Message Board in 1999...and NEW information

2.) Re: Bev's life since her adhesiolysis

As of May 1,2000 Dr. Harry Reich has formed a partnership with a general surgeon, Dr. Jay Redan. These highly skilled and very experienced laparoscopic surgeons have opened the very first Adhesions Unit in the United States at a hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania. These two surgeons are not the only skilled and experienced surgeons in the United States - but they happen to be surgeons who have been having excellent results with surgeries for adhesions.

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