Words of Wisdom ??

From: Kay Moran (kaymoran@genevaonline.com)
Sat Jun 10 13:37:16 2000

Dear Sherry...

I have been there. I don't know what your insurance situation is, but I would like to suggest at least a 2nd opinion. You shouldn't have to wait till you're throwing up to get the attention of your doctor. If you don't have a GI <gastro-intestinal specialist> get one. If you're already seeing a GI, see another one. Ask #1 or #2 about seeing a nutritionist.

I know from my own experience that there is available a food replacement that one dissolves in water & drinks like Slim-Fast or Ensure etc... It is absorbed in the first few inches of the small intestine. It was prescribed for me when my colon was leaking & they were trying to rest it. Virtually nothing goes thru. It seems to me that your whole GI tract needs a rest. Find a medical person to ask.

I'm not in such an extreme now, but I definitely have a partial obstruction. Right now I'm using Slim-Fast & Ensure to try to make sure I'm getting total nutrition while I'm waiting for surgery.

Before surgery is forced on you by a total bowel obstruction, I recommend that you read thru the forum postings looking for a surgeon who might do laparscopic surgery for you. Bev has had wonderful success with Dr. Reich & Dr. Redan. I know Bev would not mind if you got in touch with her directly.

There are others. I am going to Dr.Cook, an OB-GYN in New Orleans, & will report back my experiences.

Good Luck Kay in WI

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