To Barbara S. Re: Painful adhesions return where to go from here?

From: Kay Moran (
Sat Jun 10 14:51:18 2000

Dear Barbara...

I am glad that your doctor is supportive of you, that is very important. But it is also important that you get relief from your pain, not just because it hurts, but also because the pain is signaling inflammation which is creating new adhesions.

Please find time to go through previous postings to the forum, particularly those from Helen Dynda, they contain important information.

Please see

You need help with your pain for your husbands sake (he needs your support) and for yourself.

Also, there are leads to other doctors who may be able to help you.

Good Luck Kay in WI

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> HI My name is Barbara S I know Helen Chalmers from the hyst. site. I
> glad i found her and hope her surgery goes well. But is what i would
> like to know is what if i can't afford this Center in PA i understand
> there positon on the money. But, my husband is terminaly ill and i have
> to work full time just to make ends meet. So where does this put me and
> this center? Right now all i can see is i can try another surgery but
> risk more adhesions but i will ask him to use adhesion barriers this
> time. I have new ones over my bladder now from the Lap scars from my
> last adhesion removal. this seems like a vicious cycle that will never
> end. I'm in pain all the time and i'm on my feet at work 8 to 9 hours a
> day. I was just promoted so i don't want to say anything to risk
> messing that up as we need the money. I feel like i'm destined to live
> this life of pain with no help from anyone i have a great doctor but
> even he wonders if anything will help we worry together on this he does
> take great care of me and knows i hurt but from his point of view pain
> killers are not an option for long term use and i understand were he is
> coming from. I'm going to try and see in in January thats tax time for
> us since we always get a refund (hehe) and see if i can come up with the
> money then for this Adhesion Center but wow it seems like a long time to
> suffer though but what chice do i have. thank you for your time.
> --
> Barbara.... TAH 11/10/99
> Adhesion surgery 4/28/00

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