Bowel problems? Please read: The Extraordinary Story of Dr. Roberts....

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Sun Jun 11 15:48:55 2000

You don't have to suffer from bowel problems in order to benefit from the following suggestions, which were given to Dr.Roberts in " The Extraordinary Story of Dr. Roberts: " " Dr. Roberts returned to the hospital room. A few minutes later, a friend and colleague came to visit. He anticipated a few pleasant remarks and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Unexpectedly, his friend said a few vital words. "First, breathe with your stomach, it has a positive, relaxing effect. Breathing with the chest is negative", he said quietly. "Second, visualize the problem, see the tangled bowel and vessels and untangle them," he said convincingly. Then, he said very importantly, "Divorce yourself from the traumatic and frightening events of age 9, that was then and this is now." He finished by saying gently, "Have compassion for your stomach and intestines. Do not give them worry. Give them compassion". His remarks and perception were based on seasoned advice since he was also the hospital minister and psychologist! "

The above suggestions may help you too, whether or not you are suffering from bowel obstructions...NOW.....Take time to read Dr. Roberts Story:

[] The Extraordinary Story of Dr. Roberts

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The Five Cardinal Steps:

1.) Learn everything you can about what you are facing.

2.) Analyze the diagnostic options and understand the outcomes.

3.) Obtain the treatment options.

4.) Monitor and feedback.

5.) Ultimately you are the healer!

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