Lynne, glad you found us !

From: Kay Moran (
Sun Jun 11 21:34:21 2000

Dear Lynne...

Never give up !!! Keep trying doctors until you find one that responds - they are not all the same.

Ask for a referal to a pain management doctor. The idea is to control the pain until the problem is corrected. It can be done.

If the TENS machine is making the problem worse, ditch it & the hot water bottle. I use a cold pack (it goes in the freezer - it doesn't freeze, just gets very cold) with a towel or wash cloth wrapped around it. My theory is that if the pain is from inflammation, application of cold should help. If this is true for you, also try eating ice cream. Also, try NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) which are available in the US without a prescription. They take 4-6 weeks of use to reach full potency.

When you find an understanding doctor, you will eventually need an OB-GYN or General Surgeon, adhesions do not go away by themselves. Which you already know since you found Helen, wonderful, isn't she.

Good luck

Kay in WI

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