bowel pain and left sided pain

From: chris (
Mon Jun 12 13:23:06 2000

Hello Everyone, I need advice again, here is alittle past history. I had a TAH in July96, I had another surgery Jan98 for pain on the right side and I had my right ovary out and adhesions removed, I had another surgery Oct99, for my left ovary removed and massive adhesions, I felt pretty good for about 3 months and then the pain started again and it is lower left side and I am having really bad pain in my back and my bowels are hurting I have had no relieve from this pain and I have had is pain for a week, which is not normal because I usually only have bowel pain a couple days a week, and my bowel have moved almost everyday too. Does anyone have advice on what I can do to help with the pain, I have consider going to the doctor but I am trying to hold out because they seem not to understand....Thanks in advance for any help.......

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