Dr. Korell answers questions posed by Beverly

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Mon Jun 12 21:08:54 2000

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Beverly ( bnb@cybrzn.com ) has given me permission to share her communication with Dr. Matthias Korell ( M.Korell@t-online.de ) of Germany on May 19, 2000. Rather than leave their letters in letter-form, I chose to share their conversation in the following way:

Beverly: I am an adhesion sufferer also; and I have a few questions for you. Have you done any tracking of your adhesiolysis procedures and second-look laparoscopies to determine whether the adhesions are returning?

Dr. Korell: I have done many second look procedures to evaluate the quality of the surgery and the effectivity of the different methods used for adhesion prevention. So I have experience in the possibilities to decrease the amount and severity of adhesions. Furthermore the second look laparoscopies can lead to better overall results in terms of adhesion-free patients. The risk of re-formation of adhesion is less after laparoscopy but depends also on the surgical technique.

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NOTE: Since February Joanne Butman( Chuckbcpa@email.msn.com ) from California has shared about her trip to Germany to have her adhesiolysis done by Dr. Matthias Korell. On June 9, 2000 I compiled and posted all of Joanne's messages to the International Adhesions Message Board. The following Url will take you to Joanne's messages about her trip to Germany - before and after her surgery:

[] Joanne B's trip to Germany to have surgery....


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