Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome

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1.) Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome (acute gonococcal perihepatitis) consists of acute onset of upper right-quadrant abdominal pain and tenderness aggravated by breathing, coughing or movement, and referred to the right shoulder accompanying an attack of gonococcal PID. Laparoscopy, occasionally needed to exclude other acute abdominal conditions, show typical "violin string" adhesions.

2.) Pelvic Adhesions from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease -- Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome...includes a photo

3.) Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome - iBio Self-Assessment for Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome


5.) Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome - symptoms

6.) Perihepatitis (Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome) a.. 5-10 % of women with acute PID (more commonly chlamydial) will develop perihepatitis. The infection tracts up the paracolic gutter to involve the liver capsule forming fibrinous adhesions. Pleuritic RUQ pain and tenderness may occur with or after the onset of acute PID. Some degree of cervicitis or adnexal tenderness is also usually present . Highly elevated LFTs suggest another etiology since LFTs are nearly normal in FHC syndrome. b..

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