Re: I am new here...Jill

From: Sherry Marie (
Tue Jun 13 07:27:50 2000

Welcome to the forum! I am sure you will find this site a wealth of information when it comes to adhesions and their related problems. My last surgery (my 7th), resulted in a TAH due to adhesions. I know how you feel. My worst pain and pulling now seems to be on my right side that goes through my back. It is uncomfortable to bend over. I also have pain and a feeling of fullness under my ribs. I was hospitalized a couple months ago when the pain was very intense and I was nauseated. The discharge diagnosis stated "Her pain is most likely secondary to adhesions involving the intestine throughout the abdomen. The patient's computed axial tomograhy of the abdomen was consistent with inflammatory changes, early obstructive changes." It sounds like you may have adhesions involving your intestine and/or bowel as well. Good luck and remember you are not alone. Sherry Marie

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