Please listen to what I have to say Barb.

Tue Jun 13 10:15:13 2000

I'm Laura........I, too, know what it is like to see the ice beneath you feet start to crack. You are thinking, "Lord, where are you in my time of greatest need. You promised that you would never leave me or forsake me yet, here I am, so close to death, I am terrified." Now turn that into your pain...... the way you feel that He is dealing with it. Now, watch as His mighty hand drags over ALL of us, dragging us straight into the arms of Drs. Reich and Redan......MAN, is awesome!!!!!! I won't be able to go until September because I won't get paid (actually very little pay, not enough to even make my car payment) at my job if I go now (short-term disability doesn't start until I have been here a year, crappy huh?), so that is why I can't go now. But you on the otherhand, have the opportunity of a lifetime!!!!! These drs.' hands have been blessed by God. This is the reason He has steered us to each other!!!! Look at the system that is in place -- one gets the blues, the others rally around and lift you up with our hands under you so that God can grant you peace. Then, He has us placing our beginnings on the Bulletin Board for all to see. You add yours too. Then the circle begins. More and more people come which means more and more people helped. There is dancing in the heart and joy in the soul because you FINALLY now what is wrong with you and how to fix it!!!! Feel the joy of that!!! It is like Bev and all the others say, lots of us have been suffering for YEARS not days or months but YEARS (mine started in 1972) I have had 15 surgeries and on the spinal surgery I had, I was terrified so I went to the morning mass the day before the surgery, and Jesus and I have a code password from the Bible that lets me know it is Him and low and behold (those of you who are Catholic will know that it is not like other churches where the minister can decide what he will preach on; priests follow a structure in the Liturgy that cannot be changed) so, he started on Peter and Jesus and the boat with storm..... remember, Peter saw Jesus walking on the water and he jumps out the boat and starts walking toward Him but he soon realized that he was walking on water and panicked and started to sink. He called out to Jesus to save him but when the Lord told him how long He had been with Him and why lose that faith that He would let him drown. Now, so you see, Jesus was telling me that why would I think He would leave me alone in a surgery that I could wake up from totally paralyzed, when He has never left me alone throughout all of the other surgeries (and ones to come thereafter), and being so right, I began to feel His warmth and I left the church renewed and ready!!!!

Barb, He and we are here for you 24-7 and don't you forget it!!!!

Love you, LauraN

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