Re: Thank you for your posts on obstruction

From: toni welsh (
Tue Jun 13 11:10:24 2000

At Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Jill wrote: >
>Hi Toni-
>I am also in ohio, in the Cleveland area.
>Where in Ohio are you located?

I am in Cincinnati, your southern neighbor. My son,s girlfriend has alot of family in the Cleveland are, we have also been there a few times, when my son was young, he bowled in the junior travel league. Keep in touch!


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>I want to thank you for your post on intestinal obstructio, and I read a
>post from someone that she was told adhesions thicken as time goes on.
>That is the same thing I have heard of. I am thinking that is why the
>pain I have been in is the fact that the scar tissue gets harder as time
>goes on, it is almost like you can picture what is in there just from
>the pain you are in.
>Unfortunatly, my drs do not feel my bowels are going to be hurt, but
>they do not know how this feels, and my GI dr STILL said to me the last
>time I was there a couple weeks ago, adhesion do not cause pain, there
>are alot of people out there, Toni, that have alot of scar tissue." Boy
>that rubs me the wrong way, that is another reason I have not gone for
>the barium enema, I am trying to find a GI dr who believes me, but here
>in Ohio, they are all the same.
>The only dr I have who believs me is my pcp, and my gyn. The rest will
>not listen to me. Tired of it!

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