Re: How do we get through horrible days...Lynne

From: Sherry Marie (
Tue Jun 13 18:09:10 2000

Lynne, I am so sorry you are having so much trouble getting pain relief. I get so angry when people suffer needlessly. Pain medication is just that, medicine to relieve pain. Pain has a way of sharply defining life's true pleasures. Listen to your body. When you are tired, relax and rest. Stress and worry can play a tremendous part in how we deal with pain. I too get so tired of dealing with pain and I wish it would just end. Right now I am experiencing a partial obstruction. I am debating on going to an urgent care facility for a pain injection, but I don't want to go through any more tests to tell me what I already know. My husband and I are going on vacation to the beach this week-end and I so desperately want to feel like a normal person. Oh well... Please hang in there, you are not alone. Friends who stick together, Sherry Marie

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