Re: ctal adhesions/tailbone pain?

From: Helen Chalmers (
Wed Jun 14 19:10:35 2000

Dear Rachel:

What city and state are you from?

After being dumped by my gyn I found myself without pain medicaton. I found a site called the American Society for Action on Pain. This site is very informative and will help you find a doctor who will prescribe proper medication for your pain. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and traveled to Virginia for pain medication. The doctor there was very understanding about adhesions and prescribed narcotic pain medication for me. I do know that there was nothing over the counter that would take even the slightest edge off the pain that I was experiencing from the adhesions. If you are having trouble finding a doctor to prescribe you narcotic pain medication please go to this site: Depending upon which state you are from you will be directed to a state pain rep. where you will fill out a form describing your pain and the pain rep. will get back in touch with you with a name of a doctor from your state. Please let me know if you have any difficulties as I have been there and can assist you if you need help. My pain specialist is absolutely wonderful, and will not stand for people suffering in pain. He told me to tell my ex-gyn to try to live with his bowel adhered to to abdomen without pain medication.

At Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Rachel wrote: >
>Very rarely does this crap bring me to tears and the only time it has
>ever impaired my daily living has been occasionally with intercourse.
>This however has really got me down. I guess the 'right' thing to do is
>to see a dr. However, I have left my original gyn. because we didnt
>see eye to eye (he believes adhesions dont need to be removed and his
>nurse believes I should see a therapist) I'm looking for some advice
>from people who have been there.
>I have incredibly intense tailbone pain. I dread having to sit down and
>once I'm down, I hate trying to stand back up. My tailbone is actually
>tender. There's no mechanism of injury. It started right before my
>period before last and hasnt let up. It throbs with cramps. I cant be
>for certain that it actually is endo related I guess except that the
>timing is right. I have masses in my lower left abdomen that ultrasound
>show to be in my colon but colonoscopy came up clear. My laps showed
>endo in the cul-de-sac and adhesions joining right bowel to pelvic wall
>but since my dr wasnt thorough enough to remove the adhesions(only cut
>them) I'm not sure how well he removed the endo or that it hasnt
>returned. I have frequent rectal spasms as well as sciatic pain on the
>left side. When those pains are bad, I often have pain/fullness up
>under my left ribs that hurt to breathe and is tender to the touch.
>Bowel movements feel like some one is trying to rip my entire colon out
>of my abdomen....often feelings of urgency with no results.
>I'm completely at a loss. I havent found meds that really help. All
>this stuff sounds crazy. Am I losing my mind? Anything I should try?
>Does this sound familiar to any of you? If so, what was the source of
>your pain? (even if it wasnt endo)

Helen Chalmers

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