Re: Pain meds for adhesions?

From: Poutinen, Jay (
Thu Jun 15 00:44:49 2000

There are stronger pain medications. Some narcotics are Demerol, methadone, and Fentanyl (worn as a patch). While these potent narcotics can relieve pain, there are also problems associated with these drugs. Long-term, in order to get the same pain relief, you will have to increase your dosage. Also, use of these narcotics can actually cause pain. They are addictive, and withdrawal can be painful.

Some people have success with Marinol (marijuana softgels) to lessen pain and nausea.

Of course, you should consult your physician.

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What do some of you take for the meds related to adhesions. Until I find a surgeon (and faith in procedures) that won't make the situation worse, I'd like to find something that will ease the pain caused by this crap. I now (believe) have rectal adhesions related to endometriosis. Nothing seems to touch it. I've tried Soma, Darvon, Motrin. Any ideas? Thanks! Rachel

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