Re: Peggy - Re: Concious pain mapping(Kay)

From: Peggy (
Sat Jun 17 14:17:36 2000

At Sat, 17 Jun 2000, Kay Moran wrote: >
>Dear Peggy...
>I know that Dr. Cook does conscious pain mapping, if necessary. I'm going
>to him the end of June for laparascopic lysis of adhesions. See his web
>page . He's a GYN-OB. His resume is on his web page.
>For your pain, til you can find a solution, see .
>Everything has NOT been tried. There is no need for you to suffer. We've
>all been there.
>We all could help you more if we knew something about your medical history &
>where you live.
>There's a lot of information on the forum record.
>Good Luck
>Kay in WI

Hi Kay, Rather than go into the whole story you can find me on the adhesion quilt. Since I last updated my story on the qiult I have been doung Lupron injections, My Dr.thinks that there may ovarian remnant that could posibly be the cause of my pain. I am looking at what other options are available for me at this time because my Dr. told me that if by the next time I see him and there has been no change with the pain he would discontinue giving me the lupron injections. Thanks for your help . I am Peggy K. I noticed that there was another Peggy right next to me


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