Re: Pain is just getting worse

From: toni welsh (
Sun Jun 18 13:47:36 2000

At Sat, 17 Jun 2000, BarbaraS wrote: >
>This board is becoming part of my life which i think is good and bad.
>The good i have alll of you that understand the pain i have. Bad i
>really don't want to be here for the reason i am. These last few weeks
>the pain is becoming nerve racking i have to work to keep our home and
>car and try to feed us. We are truely hoping we can us our tax return
>next year to go to PA. I'm just worried i can't hold out that long. I
>ant to know has anyone here had adhesion barriers and had success with
>them. I'm going to take lots of info with me on the 29th when i see my
>doctor again. I'm hoping he can do it or at least send me to someone
>who can. If i can wait and we can go to PA i feel very lucky because i
>live in Va and its really only an 5 hour drive for us. I'm keeping the
>faith the best i can i just wish there was more help help out there for
>the less fortunate. With 2 small kids and a terminally ill husband i
>sometime feel my life is spinning out of controll. You wonderful people
>have beent here to listen to me and understand me so until i have been
>cured of these horrible adhesions i'm here to stay. Thank you for being
>there and listening it helps me to beable to vent sometimes.
>Barbara.... TAH 11/10/99
>Adhesion surgery 4/28/00

The only adhesion barrier use during all my surgeries was Interceed, my gyn said it helps alot of his patients, but I happen to be the one he just cannot help, and it bothers him. He said that he had better luck with Interceed, and felt it would work better for me, but now if I decide to have another surgery, it would most likely be laparotomy, all the drs here in Cincinnati, they could not get through the adhesions in the pelvic area, and there would also be high risk for bowel injury. But the barrier they would use this time would be seprafilm.

I hope things work out for uou barbara, and I will be praying for you too.


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