Surgeons Report Favorable Experiences with ADCON-L

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Jun 20 13:10:30 2000

Surgeons Report Favorable Experiences with ADCON®-L

--402 Patient Study Presented at the 13th International Intradiscal Therapy Society Meeting--

Cleveland, OH-June 13, 2000 -- Gliatech Inc. (Nasdaq: GLIA) today announced findings presented at the International Intradiscal Therapy Society (IITS) 13th Annual Meeting support previous findings that ADCON®-L anti-adhesion gel effectively inhibits peridural fibrosis or scarring and has a low incidence of complications. Bruce E. Mathern, M.D. of MidAtlantic Spine Specialists in Richmond, Virginia presented at the meeting. The data was collected by seven surgeons at four centers across the United States. The multi-center retrospective review was undertaken by the surgeons to document the overall clinical experience of patients receiving ADCON®-L, and assess the surgeons' perception of peridural fibrosis in reoperations of patients who had received ADCON®-L in their previous surgical procedures.

The study involved the review of four hundred and two (402) patients who had received ADCON®-L gel during lumbar spine surgery from August 1998 through February 2000. After the surgeons reviewed their medical records and clinical follow-up, ADCON®-L was found to have a low incidence of complications. Of the 402 patients studied, there was no incidence of wound dehiscence, seroma or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks, and only two (2) post-operative wound infections (0.5%). Seven (7) patients underwent reoperations (1.74%), which allowed the surgeon to visually evaluate the extent of peridural fibrosis in patients who had previously received ADCON®-L. The surgeons' perception during these revision surgeries was that peridural fibrosis was significantly reduced and the nerve root was easily exposed and retracted which made the surgery easier to perform. Dr. Mathern and his colleagues concluded that ADCON®-L effectively inhibits formation of peridural fibrosis, and patients who received ADCON®-L gel did not have any increased incidence of complications associated with the use of the gel.

This presentation is the first of several retrospective studies of patients treated with ADCON®-L that are planned over the next twelve months in which groups of surgeons will be reporting their experiences using ADCON®-L.

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