Do you experience nausea as a result of adhesions...and yet diagnostic tests are normal?

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Jun 20 17:45:32 2000

I just received a letter from Janet M. Since I do not experience *nausea* or constipation as a result of adhesions, I cannot really speak from experience about Janet's main problem with nausea.

If her problem with nausea seems to be like yours, would you share your experience here on the Message Board? Do you experience nausea - and yet tests come back normal?

Janet would really appreciate your help! Thank you!!

Here is her letter:

" One reason my family doctor is unsure whether or not my nausea is caused by adhesions is because, theoretically, the nausea would be caused when I get partial bowel blockages from them. Yet when I have episodes of unremitting vomiting and end up in ER, X-rays show no partial bowel blockages. Do you know if adhesions in an of themselves can give nausea? I realize that this might be a question for a doctor, but I've found out the hard way that often lay people who have researched an area know more than many doctors about that area.

You asked what medications I am on. Since the pain is infrequent and often not that bad, I am not on pain meds. Nausea, however, is a real curse. When I can't handle it anymore I take promethezine. I've tried lots of other drugs, nothing else works.

You also asked about constipation. That is only a problem if I take promethezine too often. (Since it wipes me out, I try to avoid it.) I am more likely to have diarrhea, which I have read can happen with partial bowel obstructions."


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