It was nice meeting Drs. Redan & Reich

From: Helen Chalmers (
Thu Jun 22 11:44:29 2000

Just wanted to jote a short note that the surgery went well and have been resting back in Baltimore since yesterday. Beth left Scranton this morning and will be back home tomorrow. She is also doing well.

Drs. Redan & Reich are wonderful caring doctors and I felt as I were in very good hands. Well, I did have massive adhesions and they were adhered to more organs then I care to name. They also found a lot of endometriosis that was over-looked during my hysterectomy in Dec. Seems my GYN took everything out but the endo. My appendix was so enmeshed that it wasn't worth saving; just one less organ to worry about, right?

I am going to rest now as the operation does take a lot out you and put a lot back where it belongs (ha ha)!

I have a couple of great shots of my adhesions and a video too.

Helen Chalmers

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