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From: Dena Lomax (denalomax@hotmail.com)
Fri Jun 23 15:36:53 2000

Hi, Jill and Toni-- I am located in Shelby, Ohio. It is a small town between Cleveland and Columbus. Like everyone else on the forum, I, too, have had my share of doctors who don't listen to the patient, nor do they believe adhesions hurt, etc.... But, the doctor's I have now are excellent!!! I see both a pain management specialist and an OB/GYN. Let me know if I can do anything to help you!!! In Friendship, Dena Lomax

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>At Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Jill wrote:
> >
> >Hi Toni-
> >
> >I am also in ohio, in the Cleveland area.
> >
> >Where in Ohio are you located?
> >
> >Jill,
>I am in Cincinnati, your southern neighbor. My son,s girlfriend has
>alot of family in the Cleveland are, we have also been there a few
>times, when my son was young, he bowled in the junior travel league.
>Keep in touch!
> >--
> >Jill
> >
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> >Subject: Thank you for your posts on obstruction
> >
> >I want to thank you for your post on intestinal obstructio, and I read a
> >post from someone that she was told adhesions thicken as time goes on.
> >That is the same thing I have heard of. I am thinking that is why the
> >pain I have been in is the fact that the scar tissue gets harder as time
> >goes on, it is almost like you can picture what is in there just from
> >the pain you are in.
> >
> >Unfortunatly, my drs do not feel my bowels are going to be hurt, but
> >they do not know how this feels, and my GI dr STILL said to me the last
> >time I was there a couple weeks ago, adhesion do not cause pain, there
> >are alot of people out there, Toni, that have alot of scar tissue." Boy
> >that rubs me the wrong way, that is another reason I have not gone for
> >the barium enema, I am trying to find a GI dr who believes me, but here
> >in Ohio, they are all the same.
> >
> >The only dr I have who believs me is my pcp, and my gyn. The rest will
> >not listen to me. Tired of it!
> >
> >Toni
> >

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