From: Helen Chalmers (
Fri Jun 23 16:44:25 2000

Dear Adhesion Friends:

Pam Markford (pjtweetyRN) and her husband Bob will be taking off from St. Petersburg, Fla. tomorrow morning for Pam's surgery with Drs. Redan and Reich on Monday, June 26th. Let's all please send prayers and blessings to her on her long awaited surgery. Pam is still experiencing terrible pain and this will be a long and strenuous trip for her to make with the plane ride to Philli and then the car ride to Scranton.

Although you haven't seen Pam on here much you must remember her husband Bob on here a couple of months ago pleading for help for Pam. Well, we found her the help, now we must give her our prayers and the strength to get to Scranton.

Without Pam and Beth my journey would have been much harder, they have become wonderful and loved friends! Love you Pam!

Helen Chalmers

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