Ed's Chronic Pain Site

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sat Jun 24 01:38:32 2000

At Ed's Chronic Pain Site, Ed suggests that his webpages are "Best viewed with your screen size set to 800x600 and print size at medium."

I DO NOT know what he means by " print size at medium." But I do know what he means by "screen size set to 800x600." For those of you who have no idea what this means, on the lower right corner of your computer monitor (screen) there is an image of a tiny computer monitor. Click on the image of the monitor -- a list of various screen sizes will appear. Click on " 800x600." This screen size will make it possible for you to see the entire webpage.

If you prefer 640x480 as the screen size for everything else - which you view - it is a simple matter to return the screen size to where it was set orginally.

[] Ed's Chronic Pain Site -- to give you some kind of idea as to the kind of information, which is available at Ed's Chronic Pain Site, I have listed the many categories below.


1.) Alternative Medicine

2.) Activist Page

3.) Doctor Finder

4.) Pain Pages

5.) Pain Meds

6.) Drug Companies

7.) My (Ed's) Story

8.) Horror Stories

9.) Headache Page

10.) Osteoporosis

11.) FMS/RSD Page

12.) Depression Page

13.) SSA Page

14.) Poems Page

15.) Conditions Page

16.) Anatomy Page

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