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From: Jill (
Sun Jun 25 08:59:03 2000

Thanks for the reply -

My doc has suggested a pain clinic for me too - He is a very nice man, and seems to really care.

We know I am prone to adhesions, as gyn said my insides were covered with them - just wondering now if the TAH created more of them, since most of my pain is in the upper abdomen, under the rib cage, and I never had this pain there before the hyst.

So, my question is, how would we know if it truly is adhesions, unless we do a lap??? We have done every other test known , and they all came out negative - all my internal organs are functioning properly.

I don't want to rush into a lap - it scares me, that I could actually get WORSE than I am now, just by having a lap.

Thanks for listening . . .

TAH and lysis of adhesions 4/25/00

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Jill writes to Dena:

>Dena- > >Thanks for the message - >I have a new doc who is finally listening to me, and now thinks it may truly >be the adhesions causing my pain again. >Right now it is bearable, worse in the evenings or while sitting, but I fear >that with time it may get worse. > >Doc has suggested doing a lap soon to "look around" and see if adhesions are >present near my source of pain, but I'm wondering if this won't just cause >new adhesions to form?

Yes, Jill and in my case caused scar neuromas and nerve entrapment. Any invasive procedure can cause more adhesions. I also had a cystoscopy at the same time as my last laparoscopy (supposedly to take a peek and remove adhesions) and the Urologist had to make his own incisions for his own tools. So instead of having three pops for the lap I had 6. I have now been told by several specialists that I should never ever have any kind of surgery or invasive procedure again unless it's a matter of life or death. That means no more peeks. Unless they have a bona fide diagnosis nobody is ever going to peek inside any part of my body again. Period.

> >So glad you are finding help with your docs - that is half the battle!

Absolutely. It is so important once you know you have adhesions to make sure that any doctor taking care of you fully understands the problems they cause and the dilemma in treating a patient who has them.

> >Jill >TAH and lysis of adhesions 4/25/00

Marla lysis of adhesions 3/27/99 lap TAH/BSO w/ lysis of adhesions 4/28/99 lysis of adhesions w/ cystoscopy 11/2/99

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