Re: Robyne from Australia

From: Marla (
Wed Jun 28 05:41:34 2000

Hi Robyne >
>To all my adhesion friends,Well here I am post-op not doing crash hot but
>will be fine.The surgery went for about seven hours and the first thing I

Wow! Not nearly so much time as originally anticipated.

<technical stuff snipped>

>I was adding up the other day and realized that I havent had a
>meal since may 1999,just free fluids with some sloppy mashed potatoes and

Tasting must be a wonderful recovered sensation for you. Oh this makes me so happy for you.

>Well I am getting tirednow but I know that I wouldnt even be here at
>this stage if it wasnt for my international friends that have given me
such >courage to keep going on.Thank you again Love always Robyne.

I have only just met you but you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I first heard about your upcoming surgery last week. Best wishes for continued success and improvement that will have your doctors in awe!! So glad you felt up to posting your report too!!

Blessings Marla

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