Re: adhesions of the bowel

From: toni welsh (
Tue Sep 5 16:19:46 2000

At Tue, 5 Sep 2000, wrote: >
>hi just read your e-mail i also am full of adhesions and surgery just creates
>more that is why they won't operate but if she has problems such as bowel
>obstructions then they will if you have any more questions that i can help
>you with feel free to e-mail me at


I read your email, I have been on this forum for a year and a half, but have not been able to get online as much.

I have severe adhesions all over the small and large bowel, and the bowel problems are getting so bad. My gyn took awhile to find a general surgeon who would even touch me as far as surgery again. I have been going to pain management for a yaer and a half, and am tired of popping the pills, it does not even alleviate all the pain anyway. It does make life somewhat bearable. The drs told me the risks for bowel injury are very high , and the scar tissue COULD get worse, also when the gyn did my last laparoscopy the drs could not even get the scope into the pelvis, so they cleaned up what they could get to as far as the scope would go, and scheduled a laparotomy a month later. Where after 4 months after my last ovary was removed in april 98, I was severely covered all over the pelvis, and now it has been two years since my last and they tell me they just get harder and denser. They are willing to do the surgery for me, but they say there are no guarentees. I am too scared to go now, until I stop smoking for awhile anyway.

The more surgery tho, the more adhesions can form, the only thing they were going to do different this time is wrap the bowels in seprafilm, last time they put interceed in the pelvis, it did not work!


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