Re: Dr. David Redwine...posted by Jaynie Jarvis

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Sep 6 09:13:50 2000

At Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Jaynie Jarvis wrote:

Well I did it. I sent my records, a letter, and $100.00 to Dr. Redwine. I hope he dosen't look at my video and not see anything like Redan did. I told him I wonder if that is even me. Because according to the pathology report I had several adhesions and endo. Anyway the pain clinic finally got the authorization from my insurance company the day I told them I wasn't coming ! Woops !! The Doctor there finally talked to me then ! She said it wasn't a good idea I come until I feel I have ran out of options. Have you Robin? And that pelvic pain was a tuffy. Which lead me to believe that they were just going to teach me to live with my pain. She thinks I suffer from MYOFASCIA pain. Sure I do ! But it is caused from laying around with pelvic pain ! It would be great if I could go to some place lke that to regain my strength and mobility. Because I have never been a exercise person ! I sure hope I have made the right decision and right doctor. Some people on here and many friends think my main problem is endo. and Redwine knows his endo. But each surgery I did have more adhesions. I discarded anything that says I am a recovering addict because too many times doctors make judgements. One assumed I had been a prostitute ! I was just your typical drunk that did cocaine ! And that was 10 YEARS AGO. I will tell the anaethesiologist. Now I am waiting.

Thought seriously about Dr. Cook but I have read that the lasor is not good to use on adhesion formers because it can leave stuff inside to form adhesions. If you read what he does it is scary, alot of DISSECTING . The others probably do that too but don't tell you. And Cook's office is so nice ! I am thinking I should send him some records too. See I can't stick to one thing and go with it ! I think I will make a list of pros and cons for each doctor. (thinking out loud ) I know I should be at the endo, page but I started here and this is my home. Thanks for the encouragment Miss Bev ! Hang in there everyone ! My prayers are coming your way ! Jaynie

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