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From: Karla (
Wed Sep 6 17:46:23 2000


You do such a wonderful job keeping us all informed....don't let anyone get you down. I do wonder though if it might just be a glitch with the internet. I have had this happen to me on another list and no one knew what was going on. I just can't imagine anyone having a problem with your postings. If they don't want to read something there is a button called DELETE!


>---- Original Message ----- From: Helen Dynda To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2000 11:44 AM Subject: If someone objects to the information I post - - -


I spend valuable time searching for and then posting web sites of important information here - as well as sharing information from my 30+ years of having had to live with the chronic pain of adhesions.

IF YOU OBJECT TO THIS, please have THE DECENCY TO NOT use my email address!!! RATHER...TALK TO ME ABOUT IT!!!

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I DID NOT POST the follow 3 messages TODAY; but I did post them on the following dates:

1.) August 31st --- " Re: Dr. David Redwine...posted by Jaynie Jarvis "

On August 31st I re-posted Jaynie's message because it was difficult to read - her message went off into " cyber space!! " ~ ~ ~ ~

2.) September 3rd --- " Sherry Marie's appointment with Dr. Reich on September"

Please remember Sherry Marie in your prayers!! Her appointment with Dr. Harry Reich is TODAY, September 6th!!! I have not heard if she is having surgery today or exactly when.

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3.) September 3rd --- " ADHESION-RELATED DISEASE ( ARD )...Important Information "...

I DID NOT post this message by the following title: " Notification: message ignored " --- I posted this message on Sunday, September 3rd!! NOT TODAY!!

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If YOU object to what I share on the Message Board, PLEASE email me at: -- and let me know what you object to!!

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