Need a Dr., surgeon or Pain Specialist

From: Terrie (
Thu Sep 7 15:50:23 2000

Hi, I'm new to these boards. I have been under the care of a Pain Specialist M.D. since 1995 for severe pain from pelvic adhesions. I had an appointment to schedule surgery to remove the adhesions with Dr. Arnold Kresch (Dr. Wiseman's surgeon). Unfortunately, the appointment was canceled and he later passed away. Dr. Kresch was my last hope. I have tried everything that me and my pain specialist knew of; accupuncture, TENS, Biofeedback, nerve blocks, trigger point injections, etc. etc. Nothing worked. I had been under the care of Dr. Dorothy Waddell, a pain specialist here in San Francisco. I was on drug therapy, (anti-depressants and anti-seizure drugs as well as narcotics to keep the pain in check. However, a month ago, Dr. Waddell also passed away. I am in a state of shock and experiencing severe stress, which only jacks up my pain level. I have no idea who my next dr. will be. I will be out of meds in less than 2 weeks. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know of any surgeons, or Pain Specialists, ideally experienced in pain from adhesions, in Northern California, that might help me? I live in San Francisco specifically. Thank you. Terrie

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