Re: bad episode last night: severe constipation: low-residue diet...water......

From: Robin (
Sat Sep 9 09:07:24 2000

My problem isnt exactly the same as Toni's, but I have started having problems when I eat in the evenings. If I have a regular size meal, I start getting horrible rumbling in my stomach. It feels like I am going to have diariah, but I am constipated. I think I was born constipated, but I used to go every day. But in the last couple of months I started having this problem. Once I pass the constipation,(rocks, like Toni mentioned) then I have diariah for several hours. If I dont have a BM in 3 days, I start using supositories, & go from there. I have never waited a week to get some relief. A lot of times in the evening, I eat cream of wheat. It seems to be more gentle on my stomach & I enjoy eating it. I dont have much of an appetite at night, but I think it is because I dont like what it does to my stomach. In the last 2 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds from this. I am not complaining at this time because I am over weight, but If I was of normal weight, this could be a serious problem. Well..... That is my 2 cents for the day. Thank you for this site, Thank you for all of your support & Love. You are all in my prayers & thoughts. Robin

At Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>IF YOU are having problems similar to Toni's, will you share * what you
>are doing that is helping you?
>Dear Toni, I am sorry to hear that you continue to be in sooo much pain:
>and that you are having severe constipation problems!! And you seem to
>be so anxious about needing to do something - such as to going to the ER
>Last month someone mentioned that they drank 2 glasses ( 8 oz.) size
>BEFORE EVERY meal they ate...everyday without fail; and that this was
>really helping them. Have you tried that? If not, are you willing to
>give it a try? There is nothing harmful about drinking water!! In fact,
>our bodies require at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
>The foods you eat each and everyday can also make a difference!! Are you
>following a low-residue diet? Or are you eating foods with fiber? I read
>someplace that when there is adhesions' involvement with the intestines,
>that a low-residue diet can be helpful.
>Many surgeons WILL NOT do surgery for adhesions ( especially involving
>the intestines ) -- UNLESS their patient IS HAVING AN EMERGENCY BOWEL
>If an emergency bowel obstruction is the ONLY TIME that many surgeons
>will do surgery for adhesions, then you are at the mercy of JUST ANY
>I think it makes more sense to seek a surgeon, who has had the advanced
>training and ALOT OF EXPERIENCE so very necessary for having success as
>a result of adhesiolysis procedures!!!
>- - - - -
>Toni's message:
>I just want to tell you all what happened to me last night. I had not
>gone for 7 days, so I took senekot, 6 tablets, and I woke up at 3 in the
>morning with severe [ressure and cramps. I got up to try to go, and the
>pressure was so bad and I could not go, I left my husband sleep, but I
>finally had so much pressure in the rectum, it was as hard as a large
>rock, and all of a sudden I thought the pressure was going to make me
>throw up. After he got up, he stayed there and rubbed my leg to help me
>relax, and getting ready to give me enema, and it finally broke loose.
>It so pretty dark in color, it took me hours to go just that one time/
>this time I thought for sure we were going to end up in the car and
>going to ER. I am so scared, even now the activity in the bowels is
>feeling tight. Does that mean there could have been a blockage.
>My dad's friend the day before was taken to ER, and she could not go,
>and she ened upurgery that morning. I do not know what to do, and I
>called dad yesterday abotu her, and he said she has the same thing you
>have, it was caused by scar tissue on her bowels. IF ONLY I COULD FIND


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