Asherman's Syndrome

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Sun Sep 10 17:07:19 2000

[]>Asherman's Syndrome

Abstract (General Discussion):

Asherman's Syndrome is a gynecological disorder in which affected females experience a gradual decrease in menstrual flow, increased cramping and abdominal pain, eventual cessation of menstrual cycles (amenorrhea), and infertility. In females with the disorder, such symptoms and findings occur due to inflammation of the lining of the uterus (endometritis) and the development of bands of scar tissue abnormally joining portions of the uterus (intrauterine adhesions and synechiae). Endometrial scarring and intrauterine adhesions may occur due to surgical scraping or cleaning of tissue from the uterine wall (dilatation and curettage [D and C]), infections of the endometrium (e.g., tuberculosis), or other factors.…1

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