From: jodi (
Sun Sep 10 18:08:31 2000

I will start with my history , I have had a total hystorectomy 5 years ago , 2 years ago I had my left kidney removed, I have had constant pain for well over a year. my doctor did a laporoscopy and said it was terrible all covered with adhesions they couldnt see my liver he wouldnt even try and remove any scar tissue he said it was like going in blind I was scheduled for a surgery to remove the adhesions but the insurance company made me go see a mental health person (they said there was nothing mentally wrong with me)Icant even have intercourse with my husband it hurts so bad. now we are waiting to hear from the insurance company to see if they will approve it for the 15th of september. I thought I was losing my mind I am so glad I found this site.

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