post surgery adhesions

From: Donna Greene (
Sun Sep 10 19:09:24 2000

I have been reading all the past post for the last couple of months. I see a lot of myself. My history: TAH in 1983, Gallbladder (by Laprascope sp)1999, small bowel resection, large bowel resection, and release of an adhesions that was causing almost a total obstrution in May 0f 2000. I was always aware of the adhesions I just lived with the symtoms. I now have a new set of adhesions which I expected. But I have one new one that I am not sure if I should call the Dr or not. He knows about the new adhesions and we both decided that I would wait as I really didn't want to have more surgery. I felt I needed time to heal and get my strenght back. I have done all that but well here goes. My stool comes out with a 45 degree bend. I go through a whole series of symtoms, ache in my back, it moves to my right side (always had this before my surgery), then I have trouble breathing from all the pressure. Not much pain just breathlessness. Then I will start to go and my stool will be bent, then I progress to thin ribbon stool, and loose stools. With tons and I mean tons of gas. I may pass gas 30-40 times an hour for 2 or 3 days in a row.

So, that is my story, any and all advice will be appreciated. I may have left some stuff out but I am sure you get the picture.



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