( 4.) On your flight home...

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue Sep 12 22:17:13 2000

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1 D.) PRIOR TO YOUR RETURN HOME : In the event that you have a second look surgery, you will be three days post-op in the hospital; and then you will have a post-op check up by Dr. Korell.

You may remain in the apartment until you are scheduled to leave Germany!! Make sure you have given yourself plenty of time to heal; because the flight back home can be an awfully long time to sit - for someone, who has recently had abdominal surgery!! You may want to stay in Germany a few more days - so that you will be more comfortable on the long trip home.

On your flight home, you will again have to adjust to the time difference!!

* * * * * 2 .D) You WILL be asked to fill out a custom's form " while on your flight home."

* * * * *

3 D.) When Mary found it too difficult to sit during the flight, we were allowed to move to first class with no problem. In order to be able to do this, YOU WILL NEED TO GET A VERIFICATION SLIP from Dr. Korell - which states that you are a newly post-op patient and that you MAY NEED special care on the flight home.

They were VERY accommodating to Mary and me on United!! They even had a wheelchair waiting for Mary at the terminal in the USA. If you are in a wheelchair, you ( and the person accompanying you ) will be able to go through a separate line for your immigration's check! It is MUCH faster - because lines are very long otherwise!! ( This was Mary's and my experience in Chicago! )

Have a safe trip and ENJOY EUROPE, while you are there!! You can't beat the hotel rates nor the fact that you are going to return home WELL!

* * * * *

4 D.) When you return home, Dr. Korell wants you to walk - and even use a rebounder ( small trampaline ) - to keep any adhesions, which might have formed, as stretched as possible. Mary swam, walked, used the rebounder and was very active from the day she returned to the USA; and also during the week that she spent at Bev's in Wisconsin - before she returned to her home in Canada.

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