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Tue Sep 12 22:41:05 2000

1 C.) DR. KORELL'S FEE: Dr. Korell's fee ranges from 2000 -4000 DM ( $1000 to $2000 U.S. currency ) depending on the severity of your surgery. This fee covers a second look laparoscopy - if Dr. Korell thinks it is necessary! If you did not bring enough for your surgery, Dr. Korell will accept payments on any balance, which you may have incurred. Also, you will be reimbursed for any amount you have paid over and above the cost of your surgery.

* * * * *

2 C.) MEDICAL CENTER FEE : The hospital and surgical expenses requires PRE-PAYMENT for the first five days of in-patient care. This includes the following: all diagnostic tests, anesthesiology, post-operative recovery room care, hospital room rates, meals, etc. Hospital rates are 715 DM per day ( $350 in U.S. currency ). It is best to pay the hospital in Deutsche Marks ( DM ). You are expected to pay this in advance - unless you have made other arrangements - with Dr. Korell's approval.

If Dr. Korell decides that a second-look laparoscopy is necessary for his patient, this surgical procedure requires an additional in-patient stay of 3 days. On the final day of in-patient care, the hospital expects to receive payment for all expenses incurred.

If your insurance pays for out-of country medical expenses, then Dr. Korell prefers to be paid by a Cashiers Check or Money Order - after you are back home and after any insurance coverage has been paid.

* * * * *

3 C.) UNDERSTANDING THE GERMAN LANGUAGE : At your request, you can request that an interpreter accompany you while you are in the hospital; however, Dr. Korell speaks very good English and so does Carmen, his receptionist! ( She is a very special lady!! ) If you need an interpreter, just ask and they will call someone.

* * * * *

4 C.) MEDICAL CENTER : The medical center is known as the: Stadtischen Kliniken Duisburg. Mr. Reinhard Isenberg is the Administrator of the Stadtischen Kliniken Duisburg . Dr. Korell, Mary and I had a very nice meeting with Mr. Isenberg. This meeting resulted in helping the hospital to set up many features which will help to make the trip to Germany a very pleasant and memorable time for Dr. Korell's patients!

The medical center is a very modern hospital - offering state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment! It is great!! We were impressed with how accommodating this is for a foreign visitor. Many very nice things to keep one comfortable! There are cultural differences; but nothing that will prevent the patient from receiving very high quality care - nor from enjoying their hospital stay!

You will be supplied with disposable wash cloths etc. - but you might want to bring a few washcloths and towels from your apartment while you are in the hospital. This is the norm and helps to cut the cost of having to launder all of this stuff!!

* * * * *

5 C.) UPON YOUR ARRIVAL AT THE KLINIKEN: You will arrange to meet and consult with Dr. Korell - prior your admission. This meeting will be set up via email! At this meeting be sure to tell Dr. Korell about any and all adverse reactions which you have had to: soaps, metals, anything topical ( used on the skin ). Also be sure that Dr. Korell is aware of all of the medications which you are taking - especially about any medication intolerances, which you have had.

It is very important that you let Dr. Korell know if you have ever had any intubation or anesthesia problems!! If you have used steroids prior to surgery, be sure to let Dr. Korell know.

Dr. Korell's office is located in the medical center - making him easily accessible to his patients! Dr. Korell takes photos during his procedures rather than videos. Dr. Korell feels that photos are just as indicative of a patient's adhesion involvement as a video is. You can discuss this with him prior to your surgery!

You are expected to be admitted into the hospital the day before your surgery - because all of your pre-op diagnostics will be completed on that day ( and are already included in your cost!! ).

The rooms are semi-private and do not have privacy curtains - but the patient is treated with respect and dignity during all personal care! All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower. Each room also has a phone and TV ( of course, it is all in German and there is no BBC channel ). There are nice big windows in each room which allow the sunshine to come in and the fresh air to flow into your room while you are recovering.

Bridgette Wheller ( the head nurse in the ER ) is fantastic and she will be available to you for anything! Her husband, Reinie ( police commissioner ), is also a very great help! They befriended Mary and me while we were in Germany - and they watched out for us during our stay there! They offer this friendship to all who may follow in our footsteps!!

* * * * *

6 C.) BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY : The patient is prepped for surgery ( shaved ) - and even though we may view this as antiquated, it is the norm for them. You are taken to the operating room in your own bed and then transferred to the surgical table.

Following surgery, you will wake up in the " wake up " room in your own bed - with a warmer on you!! It is so nice to be transferred to your room in your own bed! No tugging, pushing and pulling right after surgery!!

All other areas are pretty routine with the exception of the post-operative patient checks. You are left to rest, undisturbed - unless you need something! The nurses will check on you in due time - but unless you're in need, you will rest! You are encouraged to get up very soon following your surgery in an attempt to keep your internal organs moving as they should! This may cause a room mate, you might have, to have a heart attack - but do it anyway!! If it means that your traveling partner has to assist you to the potty room...so be it!

You will be served carbonated water or juice. If you prefer ice cubes, ask the person who is with you to go down to the cafeteria - and there will be no problem in getting ice cubes for you. I will try to have Bridgette discuss this issue with the floor nurses - and maybe they can get some ice up on the unit, etc. Tap water is fine to drink in Germany - but is not served unless requested!

VERY IMPORTANT!! It is very important to remain in the hospital a couple of days for post-operative care. You have paid for this - so use it! When you are feeling stronger and want to go to your apartment, please discuss this with Dr. Korell first. You are expected to remain in the hospital for up to five days post-op following your first surgery.

* * * * *

7 C.) SECOND LOOK LAPAROSCOPY : You will have a post-operative check-up scheduled with Dr. Korell - and he will determine if you will need a second look laparoscopy. Discuss any and all issues with Dr. Korell. He is open- minded, compassionate, understanding, and very willing to listen and answer your comments and concerns.

If you really would like to have a second look procedure - for your emotional and psychological well-being - discuss this with Dr. Korell as well. If you have a second look surgery, you will be in the hospital for three additional days. On the third day you will have a post-op check-up by Dr. Korell.

VERY IMPORTANT!! In the event that you feel good enough to leave the hospital, please discuss this with Dr. Korell!! A decision to leave the hospital early WILL NOT make any difference as far as your hospital charges are concerned!!

VERY IMPORTANT!! Secure a verification note from Dr. Korell stating that you are newly post- op and that you may require special needs after the flight starts. Make sure you keep this verification note accessible in the event that you may need it. Don't pack it away!!

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