Re: Dr Korell

Wed Sep 13 11:26:52 2000

Lynne.... Move over b/c if my breast biopsy goes well, I am going to be with Mary and Anne (and of course you too if possible) and I am trying despairately not to expect a full cure. It is sooo hard not to set yourself up like that, but I think the reason we do it is b/c we are just so gosh-darn happy that we have physicians (far and few though) that can finally work on us and understand that WE ARE NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! I felt as if one more dr. said it was "all in my head", the next place I would be would have been prison, and I can tell you now, orange is not my best color!!!! (laugh) Talk to you later!!!! LauraN

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> Hi friends,
> I haven't posted for a while. I've been really busy in work and only
> fit to lie on the sofa with a hot water bottle when I come home.
> Anyway, I'm heading to Dr Korell in Germany at the beginning of November
> (I'm still waiting a definite date). It's going to cost us a fortune
> and I hope to God it will be worth it. Mary (Pomroy) has been lifting
> my spirits and calming my fears) Mary has to go back to Germany at the
> beginning of November and I'm hoping we both might be there together.
> I've to take a low dose cortiscosteroid before the surgery so Mary will
> probably see a big balloon bouncing along the hospital corridor!
> I really do hope I'm doing the right thing. We are going to get a bank
> loan (we're estimating, that's my husband and I, that it's going to cost
> about £3,500) I just hate the thought of getting the loan, having the
> surgery, the surgery not going very well and us paying for it for the
> next year. I know I should probably wait until we save the money but
> our problem is we had IVF treatment in July 1996. We have fourteen
> embryos but they can't be implanted because of the pain and pain-killers
> I am taking. The embryos can only be frozen for five years so I have
> until July next year.
> Please forgive me for babbling I just wanted a chat. I was looking for
> you all over the week-end too and there was no-one here. I think you
> were all out partying and it wasn't a clitch in the system at all!!!!!
> You know, I have in my head that I'm going to go to Dr Korell he will
> "fix" me completely and I won't have any pain at all. I can't get it
> into my head that he might only be able to help me a little bit. How do
> I prepare myself for that? I want someone to stop the pain and god bless
> poor Dr Korell for the hope I have put on him.
> Goodnight and hugs to all my special friends.
> Lynne. Northern Ireland.
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