Re: problem with message boards

From: Karla (
Fri Sep 15 20:48:20 2000


If you go to the actual board you will see that there are messages posted as if I made them....but they are messages from others. It shows my email address and everything. Now I see what you were talking about last week, but I think it is some fluke with the message board. All of Jaynies messages show my email address if you look at the board.


>----- Original Message ----- From: Helen Dynda <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Friday, September 15, 2000 8:35 PM Subject: Re: problem with message boards

> Dear Karla and others, > > I have NO IDEA what causes messages to NOT appear as they are meant to - > within the Message Box. For lack of a word that explains this kind of > error, I call it > " cyber mischief "!!!! > > Whenever I read a message - such as Karla's last message - where her > message trailed off into the wide blue yonder... > > OR... > > Whenever I read a message - such as the message which I posted earlier > this week - I will take it upon myself to make sure that the message > APPEARS AS IT WAS MEANT TO APPEAR...within the Message Box!! > > At Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Karla wrote: > > I just wanted to let somebody know that there is a problem with the > message board. If you visit the site it shows postings being done by > myself....even when someone signs their own name. It isn't that I > object to what has been posted, I just think it should be corrected. > Helen, do you know how this can be taken care of? > > -- > Karla >

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