Re: DR. Riche & DR. Redan

Sat Sep 16 08:53:10 2000

Hi Kathy! ") I tell you, since the surgery I have a LIFE. I can stay up passed 8:00pm! <smirk> These doctors have helped me and my husband out tremendously. They have awesome bedside manners and THANK GOD gave me pain relief! You are going to the best of the best. As for your insurance, I too had to get a referral to go out of network. I got the approval! Please, if you need any help with your insurance to get an approval, let me know and I will be very happy to help you. Don't give up if they say NO - that will not be "their final answer." As for the dollar amount of the surgery, I would pay a million dollars to have done what was done to me. You can't put a price of your quality of life that's for sure. I know it's hard with finances these days, but think about WILL feel better. Please, anytime you need me for anything, you can email me here or at my email address: Take care and my prayers are with you! Hugs, Chrissie ")

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