Tue Sep 19 11:37:35 2000

Bev, Helen, everybody else who contributes to this forum: Anonymous, you are a pain in the #@&^, and it is people like you that give IAS a bad name, and for you to even consider attacking without knowledge of what you are speaking about shows your ignorance. The people I mentioned in the opening of this letter are the very people we all owe such a deep well of gratitude because they are bringing forth great news and if you cannot give your name, don't complain. We are too sick to put up with "problem children" nor will we stand for it. If you are not happy with your plight, say so, we will support you with love, hugs, words that will try to soothe you, but do not think this is a place in which you can batter the doctors that have dedicated themselves to us, nor attack any of the people who share on a daily basis, all sorts of knowledge including places to go to get even more information. In otherwords, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!!!

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> From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette []
> Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 3:13 PM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
> Subject: Re: DR. REICH & DR. REDAN
> As long as your going to share unpleasant information as well as defame a
> character of the surgeons, why not say who had the second surgery and why?
> To play games with the desperately suffering people of this society is
> cruel, and to only state parts of something without substantiating your
> statement, implies to me that there is no factual basis to your comments.
> This society does not have funding to pay for peoples surgeries, to date I
> know of no society that does that for any type of disease. What we do
> offer to those who are in need of a surgery is to assist them with ways to
> raise funding for it, how to address and appeal their insurance company's
> if needed and much needed support until,
> or if ever, surgical intervention can be secured for them.
> I recently read about research groups using web site support groups to
> accomplish certain research projects and assignments...what these research
> assignments asked for, was to have the student pose a negative statement
> to the group and then record the responses to it. Now, this is not illegal
> of course, and it is not invasion of privacy, as that is not regulated in
> the Internet at this time, BUT, it is a very dishonest, self serving thing
> to do to an already suffering group of people. Things like this will not
> only cause negative feelings, instill unnecessary fears and thoughts, but
> it may inhibit those who need the support so desperately NOT to utilize
> the support group.
> Not all those who post on the IAS will bring good news, and that is okay,
> but those who do post on here do not defame or put down another person.
> They do not blatantly try to discourage or create negative feelings...not
> for one moment do they do that intentionally, as in this posting.
> It is easy to see why one would use the " anonymous " route, therefore
> they cannot be asked directly to account for their statements. A cop out
> in this case.
> May God look upon you with forgiveness for inflicting suffering on those
> already suffering way to much...for trying to sow hopelessness where there
> IS hope, and for cowering behind unsubstantiated statements verses
> offering proof of your words...YOU, of all who have posted on this board,
> need prayer much greater then any of us who post on this wonderful IAS
> support group!
> Folks, lets not react to this stuff as stuff is what it is and with no
> valid purpose of function on the IAS posting board. And if it is a
> researcher....ask before you use us to complete your studies...and let it
> be something that is what we need right now, something
> positive in our lives!!
> You all take care...and reach out to one another as you have been...
> Bev

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> Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 12:04 PM
> Subject: DR. REICH & DR. REDAN
> > For all you hopefuls, don't get discouraged but if you don't have
> > financial help don't bother contacting this group! Also I have found out
> > that there was an operation in June that already had to be redone! There
> > are some of us that just make adhesions 8(( We need to make the best of
> > what we can!
> >
> <>

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