Re: Experts in Pittsburgh, PA

Wed Sep 20 13:21:49 2000

At Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Sue Ann Murray wrote: >Thank you for the information Sue Ann. Did Dr. Sanfilippo have to do a laparotomy or was he able to do the scope surgery? I was hoping not to have to have major abdominal surgery again if I can help it.

sm >> Has anyone heard of doctors in Pittsburgh, particularly at Magee's
>> Womens Hospital that are experts with adhesions? My insurance will refer
>> me there at full pay.
>He's not at Magee's, but when I was talking with Dr. Reich about going up
>there, he found a doctor in Pittsburgh- Dr. Joseph Sanfilippo who had
>worked with Dr. Reich and Dr. Reich was impressed with his surgical skills.
>He's head of OB/GYN at Allegheny General. He did surgery for adhesions with
>me last year and I've not had serious problems that I've noticed since then,
>although I was also part of the intergel clinical trial and did get the
>intergel so that could have made a difference. But I figured that if Dr.
>Reich was supposed to be one of the best and he was impressed with Dr.
>Sanfilippo, then he must be fairly good. If you'd like more information,
>feel free to contact me.
>Sue Ann

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