Dr. Harry Reich and Dr. Jay Redan......In their care, you will be listened to and treated with respect!!

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Wed Sep 20 15:37:26 2000

There are very few surgeons in the world who specialize in adhesion surgeries!! If you are seriously considering surgery for adhesions, you will find the following information very helpful!!

The very first adhesions unit in the USA was opened on May 01, 2000 at the Community Medical Center in Scranton, PA by two very skilled and experienced laparoscopic microsurgical surgeons - Dr. Harry Reich and Dr. Jay Redan.

Both doctors have logged thousands of hours in laparoscopic surgery; and, as a result, have acquired exceptional laparoscopic microsurgical techniques and skills to enable them to tackle perhaps one of the most difficult and risky surgeries faced by surgeons in the operating room: adhesiolysis procedures. Both doctors are experts and are actually experiencing success with the techniques they have acquired. Their combined skill and experience is actually providing positive results for their patients.

[] Dr. Harry Reich: Dr. Reich is an OB/GYN specialist, who is recognized internationally for his laparoscopic skill; and he is also considered to be the most ambidextrous surgeon in the world - a skill which enables him to examine with the utmost scrutiny his surgical patient's abdominal/pelvic cavity for any evidence of adhesions and/or endometriosis!! Dr. Reich performs surgeries at both the NEW adhesions unit in Scranton, PA and at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City.

The following web sites will give you much more information about this awesome doctor/sugeon:

1.) Adlap Surgeon Profile: Harry Reich, M.D.


2.) Harry Reich, M.D. - seven areas of surgical interest


3.) Harry Reich, M.D.


4.) This site will enable you to learn more about the Women's Surgery Group - of which Dr. Reich is a member.



Dr. JAY REDAN: Dr. Redan is a General Surgeon. Dr. Reich personally chose Dr. Redan to be his surgical partner. Dr. Redan is also a very skilled and experienced laparoscopic surgeon. The following web sites will provide more information about Dr. Redan.

1.) Adlap Surgeon Profile: Jay Redan, M.D.


2.) Laparoscopy in the Emergency Room - Jay Redan, M.D.


3.) Jay Redan, M.D., Chief of Surgery at Tyler Hospital - Dr. Redan is pictured here


4.) Laparoscopic Surgery at Tyler Memorial Hospital


FINALLY, both Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan have excellent people skills!! For the first time in your search for a doctor/surgeon who will listen to you and treat you with respect, YOU WILL definitely experience this with these two remarkable surgeons!!!

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