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From: Karla (
Wed Sep 20 21:15:35 2000


I have to respond to what you have just said. There are people that participate on this list that have gone to see Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan. They are busy being patient advocates for people like myself on this list that need help and support. If you question where the patients are after they have their surgery with R&R than you must also ask where the people are who have gone to other surgeons? Maybe these people are busy enjoying there new health and don't take the time to post. Maybe you should contact Bev or Helen Chalmers or Pam Markford or Helen Dynda again so that they might direct you to where you can get answers to your questions. All of these individuals (aside from Helen D.) have had surgery thru R&R and are very happy with their new lives. We are here to support everybody and if you have questions we need to have some substantiation to these statements before we can answer them. Nobody advocates leaping into surgery with any doctor....we want people to educate themselves so that they can make an educated decision as to what is best for each particular individual. Please feel free to continue to ask questions...but we need more information before we can provide you with the best answers.

May God Bless you as you seek your answers.


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> thank you helen, > i did try to talk to dr reich. > the hosp said he's not on the hosp staff. please everyone do look > around. don't go away from your house the is the web. look at all dr's > at your hosp. if you think this is your dream it's not. > i wood like to ask all of you to look back on the adhedions page's. do > you see someone come back in here and let us know how they are? about > know one come's back to say they had this surgery and they are better. > if they come in here it's only a little note. > so please look around. > i dont think i am bad. my saying is true. please dont be mad. this is > for every one. im saying look donot leap. my friend had this surgery > and yes at the hosp with dr redan. he need's to have a biger heart then > he has. he think's he's the best thats good but you know everyone needs > a helping hand some times. he was not there for a lot of ppl here. > well that's that. hugs mee >

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