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At Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Karla wrote:

I would like to add something should people doubt the recovery of these people. I pretty much live at Bev's house...she keeps me going when frustration peeks. I also personally know two other individuals from my community who have had the surgery done by Dr. Reich as well. You would be totally amazed at what these people do! All they do is go....go.....go! I have never seen Bev or any of them experience even a second of pain since they have had their procedures. I can only hope and pray that when the day comes for my surgery (if it ever this point I am starting to have doubts...but that has nothing to do with R&R) my outcome is the same as their's. I would give anything to live their lives.


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Beverly is a former RN, who had to let her license lapse - when she became so terribly ill as a result of adhesions. Dr. Reich was Beverly Doucette's surgeon when she underwent her adhesiolysis on April 22,1999. She is still pain free!!!

Bev sent me a copy of the video from her 5 hour surgery...and I actually saw Dr. Reich slowly and very carefully lyse the mass of adhesions, which had enclosed and trapped her bowels. For the very first time I could really begin to understand how painful bowel adhesions must be. When the bowels are attached together - or attached to the abdominal wall by adhesions - this prevents the normal flow of digested food through the bowels causing problems such as constipation, nausea, and bowel obstructions.

In gratefulness to God and to Dr. Reich for having had her health restored, Bev has become a very active Outreach Worker for the International Adhesions Society!!! Many International Adhesions Society members can attest to the fact that Bev has been there to help them.

In November, Bev will be accompanying several people to Germany for their scheduled adhesiolysis procedures with Dr. Matthias Korell of Duisburg, Germany. Bev will be assisting these women, as needed, following their surgeries. KUDOS TO BEV!!! >

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